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3 Famous New Ways to Top Your Hot Dog

Nathan’s has some delicious news to share: You can now bring a taste of Coney Island home with three new Nathan’s Famous hot dog toppings, inspired by our very own restaurant classics!


Bringing the Flavor Home

For years, you’ve been able to enjoy that Original Nathan’s Famous flavor at home with our beef franks, so it’s finally time for toppings too. Our new grab-and-go hot dog toppings are delicious and easy to heat for all the Nathan’s flavor you love, right at home.

We think they’re great on their own and even better together. Microwaveable, and pourable, they take your cookout from great to over-the-top in 60 seconds. Learn more about our three new toppings here and try them yourself!

1. Chili

This classic will transport you right to the boardwalk. Our rich, chunky beef chili is seasoned with onion, garlic and paprika. It’s a chili you’ll love – without having to make it from scratch.

Everyone from chili experts to picky tots will be happy to pick up a hot dog covered in this tasty topping. And one of the best parts? Its thick, stay-on-the-bun texture means you can walk around the cookout without losing a drop!

Learn more about our Coney Island Chili Hot Dog Topping and find out where to buy it.

Coney Island Cheese Sauce Hot Dog Topping

2. Cheese Sauce

Looking for a smooth, cheesy topping everyone will love? This one will be a favorite for mac and cheese lovers, kiddos and cheeseheads alike. It’s our new cheese topping, and it has a rich cheddar flavor with a wonderfully creamy texture. Pair it up with our chili on a Nathan’s Famous beef frank for an unforgettable flavor trifecta.

Get more details and find where to buy our new Coney Island Cheese Sauce Hot Dog Topping.

Coney Island Onion Sauce Hot Dog Topping

3. Onion Sauce

Love the onion topping at Coney Island? Well now you can have that perfectly chunky balance of sweet, mild onion flavor whenever you want. We slow-cook mild onions and season them just right for that simmered onion flavor you love from Nathan’s – now in our easy, grab-and-go pack.

Find out more about our Coney Island Onion Sauce Hot Dog Topping, including where to buy it.

Can’t wait to try a taste? Look for our new heat-and-serve hot dog toppings where you usually find your favorite Nathan’s Famous beef franks. They’ll go so fast, you may want to snag one of each flavor!

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