New Coney Island Pretzel & Bagel Dogs

The Stand

Our famous hot dogs go way back to 1916, but at Nathan’s we’re always bringing something new to the table. From promotions, to events, to fan fun, here’s what's cooking.


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It’s a Hit! How to Make Stadium-Style Hot Dogs at Home

Hungry for a baseball stadium hot dog, but can’t make it to the game? Try this Nathan’s recipe for an authentic, major league-worthy hot dog right at home!

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Original Recipes

Irish Corned Beef Dog

Need a way to make St. Patty’s Day a hot dog day? You’re in luck. We have the perfect recipe. Enter the Irish Corned Beef Dog.

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Garden Lover Peppers and Onions Dog

Freshen up your hot dog routine with this simple veggie lover’s recipe! It features hot dogs topped with sautéed peppers and sweet onions.

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