Although my relationship with Nathan's is less than ten years old, it feels like a career long relationship. I had no idea when I met this company that one store would evolve to three, and I would be able to offer some of their product in other stores that I operate. It's rare to find a large company with a small company feel.  Their professional and personable approach has allowed me to establish meaningful relationships throughout all levels of the company. As a result, the exchange of ideas and opportunities between our companies has been fruitful, and has yielded very profitable results for my company. I was initially excited about the prospect of having a business relationship with Nathan's. Now, I am very proud to be a Nathan's franchisee and I intend to continue this partnership for the rest of my career.

Terry Harps, President
Global Concessions, Inc.
Hartsfield/Jackson Airport
Atlanta, GA

Christope Despeysse moved to the United States from France in August 2007 to open a Nathan's Franchise Restaurant. After three weeks of training in New York, in August 2007, I bought an existing Nathan's store in the Pembroke Lakes Mall, Florida. Before that I lived in France and was not in the food business, so it was very important and essential to learn the rules and how a restaurant functioned, all in a new country with a new language. Annie DiFillippi, the training manager is a really good teacher with great experience.

Now, after almost one year I am not disappointed. I have learned a lot by working everyday with my team. The Nathan's headquarters people are always available, and I am in touch with the office every week. I am also in touch with Oliver Powers (Franchise Business Consultant) he helps me to improve my business and the sales.

A Good Franchisor-with a good team!

Christophe Despeyssee

I have been a member of the Nathan's Famous family since 1991. I first began working as a crew member and gradually climbed up the ladder of success until I became District Manager. Working in that capacity, provided me with the opportunity of managing several fast-food franchises. However, Nathan's Famous is the only one that stands out among the rest, in my opinion. Throughout the years, I have received unlimited support from Randy Watts, Mike Moles and the rest of the Nathan's Famous team. In fact, when I was ready to purchase my first franchise, I chose Nathan's Famous because of its reputation of being a family orientated organization. When I acquired the franchise, I knew I had also gained a family.

Gonzalez Food Consultants, LLC, Willowbrook Mall - Nathan's

My partners and I became Franchisees of Nathan's Famous in February 2006. We found the demonstration and executive staff to be extremely helpful in guiding us through the processes required to join the Nathan's family of Franchisees. Additionally, the engineering staff gave us outstanding support and guidance during our build-out. We found the corporate culture of Nathan's from the very top to the Franchise Business Consultants, was one of cooperation and a willingness to help us succeed.

Never did we feel that Nathan's was only concerned in receiving their royalty; they create a true partnership between Franchisor and Franchisee. Our management company that runs Nathan's also runs five other Franchise locations for us; representing nationally and internationally known brands.

Our relationship with our other Franchisors is professional, but the concern from them about our ability to be profitable pales when compared to Nathan's. Perhaps the best thing I can say about Nathan's Famous is that this November 13, 2008, we will be opening our third Nathan's Famous; with the hope of opening more in the future.

Ed Weisenfeld
Lee Hanan Associates


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