Program Marketing

Nathan’s is one of the best known and most respected names in the Hot Dog business. The use of the Nathan’s name and logo in the promotion and sale of our product will allow you the opportunity to price your product above the market, and still assure customers acceptance and satisfaction. Under the Hot Dog Program (once you have signed the required trademark agreement) you can add the Nathan’s name and logo to your menu or menu board. In addition, you can use any of the materials that are shown on these pages.

When you choose to participate in the Franks, Fries & More Program (once you have signed the required trademark agreement) you will be allowed to use Nathan’s logos, signage and trade dress to a far greater degree. You can use the name on both the exterior as well as interior of your facility. You can design your operation using Nathan’s colors and trade dress similar to those used in our traditional franchised operations. The following are some of the typical materials available for use with both of our Branded Products Programs.

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